Ambush Kennels presents Obedience Basics

Obedience Basics & Introducing the Electric Collar

Carrie Bush, Ambush Kennels

Obedience; For basic puppy training to guaranteed off-leash control with electronics. This is for people who want to learn more about their dogs’ potential for learning on AND off-leash. Come and  be taught in an informal setting and feel free to ask questions at any time!  This is not a show; this is to help you, help your dog to learn. Join Us!!


March 11th: 2:30– 3:30pm  States Room
March 12th: 3:15– 4:15pm  Norsk Room

Missouri River Kayak Rentals Seminar

Kayaking 101- Getting Started and Great Trips

Missouri River Kayak Rentals

North Dakota rivers and lakes are a perfect way to begin your Kayaking Hobby! Sandy of Missouri River Kayak Rentals has all of the details to get you ready for your first trip and what gear to buy or rent.


March 12th: 3:30– 4:30pm  States Room
March 13th: 3:30– 4:30pm  States Room

Magic City Harley Davidson Which Motorcycle is right for you

Which Motorcycle is Right For You?

Magic City Harley Davidson

Life on two wheels is a great one! Join us for this session to learn about each type of motorcycle and why each model is built for different riders.


March 11th: 12:00– 1:00pm  Norsk Room
March 12th: 12:30– 1:30pm  States Room
March 13th: 12:30– 1:30pm  Norsk Room

100x Retrievers at the KX Sport Show

Retriever Training Tips

100x Retrievers

This seminar gives you the inside track to 40 years of gun dog training experience. We’ll talk about obedience, hand signals and working on water retrieval and live birds.


March 11th: 12:30– 1:30pm  States Room
March 12th: 10:30– 11:30am  Norsk Room
March 13th: 12:00– 1:00pm  States Room

Capital City Sporting Clays Mark Sandness KX Sport Show

Shotgun 101

Mark Sandness, Capital City Sporting Clays

This seminar is about everything from fitting your shotgun to tips on breaking more birds on the range and harvesting more birds in the field. All levels of shooters will get something out of this hour long seminar with 5-time NSCA Champion  and NSCA Level 3 Instructor, Mark Sandness.

Mark Sandness is the owner and operator of North Dakota’s premier sporting clay facility. He’s been teaching the casual and competitive shooters in the tri-state area for more than ten years.


March 11th: 4:30– 5:30pm  States Room
March 12th: 1:30– 2:30pm  States Room

Hawg-Troughs-101 fishing demonstration at the KX Sport Show

Hawg Trough LIVE Fishing Demonstrations

The Hawg Trough Fishing Pros

This live demonstration gets you as close to the lake without going outside! See how the fish react to angling techniques, lures, bait and more in the 4,000+ gallon tank in Heritage Hall.


March 11th: 1:00– 2:00pm  Heritage Hall
March 12th: 10:30am– 11:15am  &  3:00pm- 3:45pm   Heritage Hall
March 13th: 12:00pm– 12:45pm  &  3:00pm- 3:45pm   Heritage Hall

Marine electronics technology seminar at the KX Sport Show

Modern Day Marine Electronics

Johnnie Candle, Professional Angler and Guide

Professional Angler, Johnnie Candle will help you discover all of the new advancements to marine electronics. With the tips and best practices you’ll be on fish with the help of electronics in your first time out this summer!


March 11th: 2:00– 3:00pm  Executive Room
March 12th: 2:00pm– 3:00pm  Executive Room

Humminbird picture for bring your own

Bring Your Own Humminbird - Technology Seminar

Johnnie Candle, Professional Angler and Guide

Do you have the latest software updates? Need help drilling down through the menus? Which options best suit the lake fisherman? Bring your own Humminbird and we’ll go through the feature-rich technology and make sense of the buttons, menus and settings.

The seminar room will be equipped with power sources for 25 units. Get there early for your spot!

Don’t have one of your own? Come anyway and learn next to others or attend the Modern Day Marine Technology Seminar.  Check the seminar schedule for Modern Day Marine Technology times.


March 12th: 3:30– 4:30pm  Executive Room
March 13th: 2:00pm– 3:00pm  Executive Room

Black Hills Raptors Hawk visit KX Sport Show

LIVE Birds of Prey!

Black Hills Raptor Center

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Black Hills Raptor Center is back to share the stories of their flighty friends.  You’ll learn the lesser known facts and learn from the region’s top falconry experts and meet five celebrity birds.


March 11th: 2:00– 3:00pm  &  5:00 – 6:00pm  Norsk Room
March 12th: 12:00pm– 1:00pm  &  2:00pm- 3:00pm   &  4:30pm- 5:30pm Norsk Room
March 13th: 11:30am– 12:30pm  &  2:00pm- 3:00pm   Norsk Room

Fishing Seminar just for kids!

Fishing Seminar JUST FOR KIDS!

North Dakota Anglers - Matt Liebel & Zach Axtman

Bring your little angler for this seminar just for kids! Matt and Zach have put together all of the tips to make fishing safe, fun and a lifetime hobby. Parents are welcome to join too!

The first 25 participants are getting their very own fishing pole thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association!


March 11th: 4:00– 5:00pm  States Room
March 12th: 11:00am– 12:00pm States Room

Whittier Decoy Carving Demonstration at the KX Sport Show

LIVE Decoy Carving Demonstration

Whittier Decoys

Go inside the make-shift carving room with Rick Whittier, master carver at Whittier Decoys. You’ll see the decoy come to life from its humble block-of-wood beginnings.


March 11th: 6:00– 7:00pm  Assembly Room
March 12th: 11:00am– 12:00pm & 3:00pm – 4:00pm Assembly Room
March 13th: 11:00am– 12:00pm & 3:00pm – 4:00pm Assembly Room

Feeding North Dakota Wildlife Seminar at the KX Sport Show

Feeding North Dakota Wildlife

North Country Merchantile


March 11th: 1:30– 2:30pm  States Room
March 13th: 1:00pm– 2:00pm States Room

Liebels Guide Service presents fishing seminar at the KX Sport Show 2016

Sakakawea Walleye Seasons & Specifics for 2016

Matt Liebel - Liebel's Guide Service


March 11th: 5:30– 6:30pm  States Room
March 12th: 1:00– 2:00pm  States Room